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Hi, and thanks for coming to the Sumo Trailers USA website. Sumo trailers are 100% designed and built in the United States.   We chose the Sumo name and logo simply because everybody knows that sumo wrestlers are big, tough, and super strong guys. That’s the trailer we built.

From the very start, our intent was to build the best trailer on the market.  We have accomplished that. We started with a completely blank sheet of paper and put in every one of the best features that we knew about or that we could invent. Then we did a computerized finite element analysis, which simulates use on a piece of equipment.  With that process, we can identify where the weak points are. An example of this would be the simulation we did of loading and unloading the trailer twice a day,  seven days a week, for 10 years. To our knowledge, no manufacturer in the industry has ever done such an analysis on the frame and critical components before this.

There are lots of other little features that aren’t readily seen or noticed. You’ll notice the powder coating instead of the paint. You probably won’t notice that we balanced the tires. You do it on your car, and it is MORE important on a trailer because trailer tires are frequently LESS balanced than passenger tires. This WILL give you more life. You probably won’t notice that we use deck material that is a FULL 2” thick (Doug Fir). You probably won’t notice that much of the cutting of the structural members is done with a laser, so it is VERY precision. As with wood joinery, good fitting steel joinery makes it stronger BEFORE it is welded. And the list goes on and on…

You can buy lots of frills and chrome and optional features on a trailer, but for the basic unit, you cannot buy a higher quality trailer than this for any amount of money, from any manufacturer. Our quality control system is simple and consists of a single question that is asked at every stage of the manufacturing process. “ Is it perfect?” “If it is not, make it so.” You can’t inspect quality in, you have to build it in.

If you have any questions about any part of this trailer, please call so we can get them answered for you. Andy Nordstrom is the engineer behind this and will be glad to field any technical questions for you. He can be reached at 208-454-0555. When you get the recording that says you don’t have to push one for English, push *117.

Click here for a specification sheet.

Again, thank you for coming.
Mike Gibson, President
Cell 208-870-6789